rotator cuff physical therapy

Back pain, issues with your arms, the typical pinky toe smack, and neck pain, are just a few of the many common injuries that can happen at home. (Related topics: shoulder impingement physical therapyrotator cuff physical therapy)

The silliest and most common injuries usually happen at home. This is mainly because most people spend the majority of their time there, so their risk to suffer an accident at home increases. However, it is unusual to relate these issues to postural hygiene.

Smacking your pinky toe when you’re making your bed, the big problem of arm pain in people who spend most of their time working at home, the bad posture during long nights of sleep on a low-quality mattress, the ergonomics of an unforgettable sofa, and many others are all causes of injuries that can be avoided.

When you arrive at home and hit the sofa utterly tired, either because you’ve been on your feet all day or because you were all day in your office, you’re not thinking about a good posture or verticality for your spine. And just crumbling on the sofa can generate a lumbar level compression and close the subsequent space between the vertebrae.

This habit can also generate an extension of the spine if you let yourself lay back and the angle in the base of the skull gets closed. All of these gestures towards a frontal positioning of the shoulders are enough for the pectorals to get narrow too. Additionally, neck pain will appear, as well as cervical, spine and even hip pain due to the sacroiliac joint.

Not caring about the lining of the cervical and the shoulders, sometimes the head can get hanging from a side, you will have torticollis, neck pain, and headache. People around the world suffer from rotator cuff and shoulder pain associated with cleaning dishes, cleaning glasses, frequent window movements, blinds, mirrors, etc., which can generate various and complex injuries.

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