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It’s the middle of the summer and tennis season is here. From the epic Wimbledon tournament to tennis courts all over the world, tennis is all the rage this time of the year. (Related topic: tennis elbow physical therapy New Canaan CT)

However, you don’t actually need to play tennis to become acquainted with tennis elbow. Although the injury is, of course, more common amongst people who practice this discipline, other people who might not be familiar with tennis, can definitely identify with the painful and tired elbows of a tennis elbow.

The common residual pain radiating from the elbow to the wrist and the tenderness on the outside of the elbow is known as a tennis elbow. Nevertheless, other symptoms might be involved, such as some limitations in movement. During the morning hours, stiffness is rather common, as it is the feeling of pain from gripping and from other movements of the wrist, which include lifting – especially with the palm down –, pain while pouring from a container or sweeping or, in some cases, using a toothbrush, knife or fork.

Anyone who does repetitive movements using the wrist, forearm, and elbow is at a higher risk of suffering from tennis elbow, especially, if gripping something at the same time, like a tennis racket, a hammer or a baseball, amongst others.

But what exactly happens when you have tennis elbow? Well, the lateral side of your elbow or the outer portion of it is affected by tennis elbow as the extensors and, more specifically, the tendons of the extensors that attach to the outside of the upper arm bone (humerus) at the elbow suffer a serious nuisance that causes pain.

The 20 muscles of your forearm control a wide variety of movements in your hand, fingers, wrist and the forearm itself. The flexors of your elbow control the flexing of your wrist, hands, and fingers. The extensors control the respective activities of those sections also. And the rotators (pronator/supinator) control the torsion of those areas. There may be different causes of tennis elbow symptoms but, generally, there is some tearing or other damage to the common tendon of the extensors at the elbow.

For this injury to occur, there is no need for playing tennis. In fact, recent research suggests that over half the cases are caused by some kind of trauma like getting hit on the elbow or doing a sudden forceful pull or extension.

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