cervical spine physical therapy in in New Canaan, CT

The cervical spine is located between the cranium and the thoracic vertebrae.  Pain in this area is very common, especially in women.  It can be caused by normal wear-and-tear of aging, or for more specific reasons.  This includes poor posture, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, cervical spondylosis, or even neck injuries.  When a person is experiencing neck pain, no matter the reason, it’s something that they can carry with them for years.  When this happens, you can go to cervical spine physical therapy in in New Canaan, CT.


When you go to cervical spine physical therapy in in New Canaan, CT, the physical therapist will start by examining your personal situation.  They will do so by looking at your medical history, as well as asking you questions about your pain.  This includes when the pain started, if there are certain times of the day that the pain is worse, if the pain restricts your daily activities, and more.  They will also perform tests on your body that will determine your posture, joint stiffness, difficulty moving, or even loss of reflexes.


From there, the treatment will begin.  The physical therapist in Wilton, CT will make a treatment plan depending on your individual experience.  This is important because not everybody’s injuries are the same.  If you try to find a treatment online, it may not work for you as it did for someone else; it could even make your pain worse if the exercises and stretches are done wrong.


Although the treatment plan may change depending on the person, there are some common goals that you should expect in cervical spine physical therapy in in New Canaan, CT.  To start, your physical therapist in Wilton, CT will try to improve your motion with the purpose of restoring normal movements in stiff joints.  They will also try to improve your posture, as bad posture can cause or worsen neck pain.  Additionally, your physical therapist in Wilton, CT will aim to improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance.


If you have pain in your cervical spine, contact us at CT Sports Physical Therapy & Wellness to set up an appointment for cervical spine physical therapy in in New Canaan, CT.

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