lumbar spine physical therapy Fairfield, CT

Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury, an accident, or if you’re experiencing any other medical condition that affects your mobility in one way or another, chances are you need the help of a physical therapist. From lumbar problems to carpal tunnel issues, the right PT can take you a long way on the road to recovery.

But how can you choose the right physical therapist for your needs? Well, this article contains the five things you should always look for on a PT for your treatment.

1. Comfort
The right PT for you is one that makes you feel comfortable. Trust is important in any relationship and that includes your relationship with your therapist. As your treatment starts and progresses, your therapist will become a regular part of your daily life which is why it is so important that you trust them and feel comfortable working with them. Even more so, given that this is the person who will get your body working correctly again. Feeling like all of this progress is being made within a safe environment is key for a successful therapy as well.

2. Honest timelines.
In order to provide you with the best care, your PT needs to set up a realistic work plan for you. Aside from setting up a timeline that allows you to achieve your goals,  a smart use of time during every session is key when you want to see the results.

3. Experience.
Being a licensed and certified therapist is simply not enough. If you have an injury related to a specific sport, it is of utmost importance that your PT has experience with similar cases, or even better if he or she are a specialist in those kind of issues. For example, if you’re a runner or a tennis player, you should look for a PT who specializes in runners or is a runner, or someone who is a tennis player or specializes in tennis related injuries.

4. Experimental techniques.
Physical therapy goes beyond just exercising. There are plenty of equipment and technologies that are designed to improve and help you recover from an injury or any other pain that can be treated through physical therapy. From electricity therapy, foam roller massages and many other alternatives, it is key that your PT has the knowledge and works at the right facilities to provide you with all of the different solutions available, in order to design a strategy that works in your best interest.

5. At home therapy.
Although your work at the PT’s office is crucial for your recovery, picking up that work at home is just as important if you want to speed up your recovery and ensure success and the desired results. If you do your homework, you’ll get better sooner and easier, but is up to your PT to encourage you to work at home and give you the tools to do it correctly.

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