tennis elbow physical therapy Fairfield, CT

For some people who’ve tried almost everything, tennis elbow can be a quite stubborn issue. Many people claim to have tried it all, from pills to countless specialists, and no progress or results have become evident.

If you’re familiar with this issue, then don’t lose hope. Many people in the same situation have been diagnosed with tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis, and once they’ve received the right diagnosis implementing the pertinent treatment has led to outstanding recoveries and significant improvements.

Many patients of tennis elbow continue to suffer for months, and even for years, as root cause of the malady is often overlooked, unless it’s diagnosed and studied by a specialist. Further, tennis elbow has little to do with the elbow, and results from weak rotator cuff muscle in the shoulder.

The existing treatment for tennis elbow is mostly focused on the elbow itself, which brings about an array of limitations.This is precisely one of the indicators that the root cause is often less understood. In fact, a recent study that analyzed close to 400 patients over the last seven years suggests that this weak shoulder muscle is the causative factor in 99% of the patients suffering from the tennis elbow condition.

In this case, it is recommended to focus on a rotator cuff strengthening and scapular stabilization exercise program, which usually leads to almost immediate relief when it comes to tennis elbow. Some experts claim to have recorded an outstanding 99% success after using this approach to treat people suffering from tennis elbow.

For these patients, it’s highly recommended to follow a personalized exercise program, which is the most reliable, cost-effective and permanent solution to the issue. “The treating physiotherapist must focus on weak shoulder rotator cuff muscle to arrive at the complete resolution of the problem”, said Dr. Babhulkar, an expert on the subject.

He also stated that the diagnosis is quite simple and a simple clinical examination can determine if it’s tennis elbow what has been bothering the patient. However, it is possible that the tennis elbow is resistant to rehabilitation even after attempting to strengthen the rotator cuff, needless to say, this is a rare situation. If that is the case, further examination might be necessary to determine if the rotator cuff has a partial tear or there could be neurological weakness of the rotator cuff.

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