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Intense lower back pain can render any person immobile if not addressed quickly and effectively. A recent study that analysed the efficacy of lumbar stabilization exercises determined that pain, function and aberrant movement patterns can be reduced with the right programme and attention.

Health professionals have been recommending strengthening, stretching and aerobic conditioning exercises to improve the condition of patients suffering from lower back pain for years, through lumbar stabilization exercise programmes.

As a main goal, this programme aims to retrain the spine to maintain its dynamic stability whilst promoting a self-awareness of spine posture that will lead to improve your overall spine health. On another level, enhancing muscle endurance of the trunk might be considered the secondary goal of this programme. Furthermore, the lumbar stabilization exercise programme is said to be able to normalize aberrant movements patterns.

To assess the patient’s condition, they must be evaluated as they extend the trunk while in a standing position. Aberrant movements patterns are easily identified through the presence of pain, instability, or reversal of lumbopelvic rhythm. However, the study published on Clinical Biomechanics showed how the lumbar stabilization exercise programme had an impact on muscle activity during trunk flexion and extension movements, which seemed to be normalised as pain decreased and the patients didn’t have to stiffen their spine to avoid the unpleasant symptoms.

During the study, patients with low back pain underwent the lumbar stabilization exercise programme for eight weeks. Using an unhealthy and un-intervened control group, the participants of the study were measured before and after the programme using electromyography to evaluate the kinetic/AMP (aberrant movements patterns) of the spine. Although the kinematic measures of AMP didn’t show any changes after the eight weeks, patients claim they experienced a significant improvement in function and considerable reduction in pain.

Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that patients take into account that learning to stiffen the lumbar spine might not be on their best interest, and this is something that patients learnt to do during the study. In fact, even though pain and disability decreased after the treatment, many patients would still apply this technique. Whilst further research will be required to obtain more conclusive results, this is a good start for those patients suffering from unbearable lower back pain.

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