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Ankle sprains are very common injuries that usually imply swelling, mild tenderness and some bruising. However, in the presence of any concerns or if persistent pain and swelling persist, it is absolutely necessary that you get a diagnosis and treatment from a professional. (Related topics: shoulder impingement physical therapyphysical therapist New Canaan CT)

A foot or ankle injury can occur at any time, it doesn’t really matter if you’re skating, running, jumping or simply walking; if you miss a step, you could end up with an ankle sprain or even a fracture. An orthopedic surgeon from Loma Linda University Health, Diana Young, MD, has stated: “there is no sure-fire way to prevent a foot injury, but there is a right way to heal from a sprained ankle or broken foot.”

Fractured and sprained ankles vary in degrees of pain. Whereas a sprain is defined as a torn tendon or soft tissue injury, a fracture means that a bone is broken. Make no mistake, regardless of the injury, a high level of pain may be felt, even if the bone is not broken.

If the injury is a minor sprain, you may feel slight tenderness or bruising, and swelling may occur. Treating this injury at first, while you reach a medical professional should go as follows:

  • Wrapping the foot or ankle in ice.
  • Elevating the foot or ankle.
  • Refraining from walking or standing on the foot.

Following the aforementioned recommendations is key but it is imperative that you seek consultation with a physician. If the pain and swelling persist or if there are any concerns at all, an X-ray may be taken to verify if there is a fracture or dislocation. Once your physician gives you a diagnosis, you might be referred to a physical therapist to help your recovery process.

If your bone is broken, you must seek medical attention immediately. You must also avoid walking or putting any pressure on the injured foot or ankle. You must carefully follow your physician’s instructions to prevent doing more harm to your foot. An X-ray should be taken to rule out a broken bone and allow the physician to determine the best treatment option which may include a cast, surgery and most likely rehabilitation.

Just like with any other injury, there is a period of recovery and it’s important for patients experiencing a foot or ankle injury to follow their physician’s instructions carefully.

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