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As you know October was National Physical Therapy month. However, there are many reasons to extend all of the initiatives set in motion last month, at least until the end of the year. Whether you’re a chiropractor, a licensed physical therapist for athletes or a physiotherapists focusing on post-traumatic patient care, it is of utter importance to encourage your patients to continue their treatment and stay focused on their goals.

As the holidays approach, many people start planning their vacations and the celebration of the festivities, which in many cases result in neglecting their therapy or ongoing treatments. This practice might not only cause the patient to get stuck in their current stage but it might even set them back rendering the progress they’ve made so far almost nonexistent.

Sport injuries or post-traumatic therapy must be a continuous work in order to feature results. Interrupting the rehabilitation process is harmful for the patient as all the progress they have made is abruptly halted, and furthermore, potentially reversed.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t travel these holidays or enjoy the festivities like you normally would. Nevertheless, it is of extreme importance that you continue your exercise routines or at least maintain some of it in order to preserve the progress you’ve made and promote further improvement.

Learning a few techniques that you can apply at home or at your holiday destination is a great way to continue your treatment even if you miss a few therapy sessions during the holiday season. Ask your physical therapist what are some tools you can use at home to continue your treatment whilst you’re away enjoying the festivities with your family and loved ones, and remember that perseverance and regularity are key.

The only way to improve your current condition is to be consistent and if your goal is starting the new year in better shape than you are now, you can’t surrender just yet. Find a reason to stay motivated and stay on track, if you need help to maintain your focus, surround yourself with friends and family that support your goals and are willing to help you keep your motivation up. Having a good therapist is also crucial to accomplish your goals.

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