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Around 10 million people have to deal with chronic pain constantly, which leads them to use opioid medication for relief from the pain and discomfort. Further, The CDC has reported that 91 Americans die every day from opioid-related overdoses. (Related topic: tennis elbow physical therapy Weston, CT)

Chronic pain has certainly driven many people, even famous people to develop a prescription drug habit which many times has resulted in substance abuse, but Kathleen Mees from St. Anthony’s Medical Center says physical therapy is, in fact, an effective alternative to opioids.

Physical and occupational therapies treat pain through movement, manual therapy, patient education and other modalities. This approach helps address pain and functional deficits in the short term, but it also works toward assisting with long-term management of pain and prevention of other health problems, including neck and back pain, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Conditions such as tennis elbow, lumbar pain or even ankle sprains that haven’t been properly treated can produce chronic pain and have a long lasting impact on the most sensitive patients. As the pain grows or continues to halt the normal functioning and development of those who suffer from chronic pain from an injury or any other medical condition, the risk of opioid addiction increases significantly. Nevertheless, although opioids can relieve pain, they are unable to treat or get rid of the root of the problem, unlike Physical Therapy.

Proper, customized physical therapy, however, can be the right solution for those people suffering from chronic pain derived from an injury or any other medical condition that results in it. Physical therapy is administered to patients that have been referred to a physical therapist by their physician. However, anyone experiencing pain – whether is chronic or not – can easily access a physical therapy center where they can receive a personalized attention and start a therapy program specifically tailored to his or her needs.

These programs often lead to a full recovery from the injuries and relief of the pain, which can completely override the need for opioids or at least reduce the intake of painkillers, not to mention, shortening the timeframe in which patients have to take pain medication altogether.

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