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Aging is the natural course of life, and unfortunately, neglecting one’s health is standard practice more often than not as we age. Whether it is because we refuse to believe that as we age our bodies demand more attention and care or because we have too many responsibilities and activities that we cannot find the time to take proper care of our health and our bodies; the issue is that we don’t pay enough attention to the changes our bodies undergo through the years and how to address them.

That’s the reason why physiotherapists are warning many people every day about not letting muscle waste as they age. In fact, professionals in the field are encouraging and even urging older people to get stronger to maintain good health, improve their day-to-day lives and live longer more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

According to a new poll, millions of people don’t even bother in carrying their weekly grocery shopping. The study was conducted by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and they found that 24 per cent of the people over 65 years old, who participated in the survey don’t do any muscle strengthening activities during the week or at all, which increases the risk of illness, falls and other serious health-related issues. Further, only 9 per cent of the participants said they do take part in strengthening activities once a week.

But physiotherapists have an entirely different take on the matter. They recommend attending to at least two strengthening sessions per week and doing an additional average of 2 hours of physical activity every week.

It’s been suggested that those aged 64 and below include weight lifting and other resistance and strength improvement exercises into their weekly routines, additionally to carrying heavy loads -such as groceries– on a regular basis.

Those people over 65 years old, should also include several activities that involve cardio like aerobics, dancing or any other activities that imply stepping and jumping. Although, every day non recreational activities such as dusting, vacuuming and others also represent certain health benefits.

This recent study has generated concerns due to the poor attitude and approach some people take towards retirement, since most people are not doing enough to preserve their good health. Although some of the participants of the survey claim a health condition -like lumbar problems and other of the sort– prevented them from doing strengthening activities, the study showed that many of them don’t even know how to do strengthening activities properly, or they simply don’t want to.

However, several studies and other research has shown that strengthening activities are guaranteed to help prevent falls and other illnesses as we age and lose up to eight per cent of our muscle mass each decade from the age of 30. Whilst falls cause around 95 per cent of all hip fractures, it is necessary that we overcome the idea that becoming weaker and frailer is an inevitable part of aging. If anything, it means that we have to invest more time in our health and put more effort into maintaining our bodies.

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