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Have you had an ugly ankle injury diagnosed as a high ankle sprain? If so, chances are that you’re going through a great deal of pain. (Related topics: shoulder impingement physical therapyrotator cuff physical therapy)

In most situations, your doctor will diagnose you after an X-Ray and MRI and forbid you to run for at least 6 weeks. Ankle sprains are no joke; they are tears in ligaments that hold bone to bone. The many ligaments in your ankle can certainly tear causing pain up the leg, and the force involved in this tear can translate and tear the syndesmosis, which is the connective tissue that holds the fibula and tibia together up the leg. The higher the tear, the longer the recovery time and the more pain involved.

In order to treat a high ankle sprain, you’ll need to rest in a surgical boot and then receive rehabilitation in physical therapy. If you’re a very active person, this might be a drag for you but, unfortunately, ice, rest, and rehab require an average of 6 weeks to have an impact on your injury before you’re able to restart the practice of any physical activity.

Sometimes, the ankle sprain can be so serious that surgery is needed in order to put the connective tissue back together. This could increase the recovery time from 6 to 8 weeks post-surgery.

Athletes often get frustrated as normal high ankle sprain rehab programs are not fast enough for a typical runner. Pool running can keep your aerobics up but it’s not the same as running to satisfy the impatient runner. However, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments can dramatically reduce recovery time.

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