For anyone who has sustained a sports-related injury physiotherapy is key to a successful, safe and prompt recovery. That’s why at CT Sports Physical Therapy & Wellness, we strive to provide the best quality care available for our clients regardless of their condition. As the leaders in Sports Physical Therapy in Norwalk, CT, our experienced staff performs through assessments on every patient to determine the best course of treatment for their particular cases, as well as the most effective therapy to lead them to recovery.

CT Sports Physical Therapy & Wellness offers tailored Sports Physical Therapy in Norwalk, CT along with wellness programs to encourage and educate athletes and the general public to lead a healthy lifestyle and take good care of their bodies whilst promoting the healing of all sports related injuries.

Our goal as the leading centre for Sports Physical Therapy in Norwalk, CT is to help you and your family achieve better health through physiotherapy, in order to treat and cure any sports injury-related pain or condition that might be having a negative impact in your life and everyday activities.

Sports Physical Therapy in Norwalk, CT


At CT Sports Physical Therapy & Wellness we offer solutions for everyone, whether you’re a recreational, semi-professional or professional athlete, our physical therapists get closely involved with our patients and their activities to guarantee their care and wellbeing, through specialized athletic injury management, which includes this 5-step program:

1. Assessment and diagnosis of the injury.

2. Application of any specialized advice and techniques that promote and encourage healing of the injury.

3. Progressive management of a personalized rehabilitation program that will ultimately allow the patient to fully return to their sport.

4. Identification and prevention of potential risk factors whilst assessing and addressing deficiencies that are known to directly result in an injury (i.e. Movement assessment)

5. Education and sharing of specialized knowledge with individual athletes, teams or clubs in order to prevent and/or efficiently managing a situation with risks of potential injury or assistance in the event of one.

CT Sports Physical Therapy & Wellness is  the only Physical Therapy Practice to carry advanced certifications as providers of Sports Physical Therapy in Norwalk, CT, which allows us to work for professional sport teams. Make an appointment today calling at (203) 957-8100