About Us

Committed & Driven

CT Sports Physical Therapy and Wellness is now an Evolution Physical Therapy clinic! Evolution’s mission is to help all of our patients and clients perform at their highest potential, to completely redefine the profession of physical therapy, and to provide the community with exceptional rehab services, fitness, performance training, injury prevention, wellness, and recovery. Our therapists are highly skilled and knowledgeable, utilize modern equipment and techniques, and have an unparalleled drive to help you get better.


CT Sports Physical Therapy & Wellness was founded in August 2013. We started CT Sports because we realized that patients were beginning to be seen as a number and not as an individual. With reimbursements from insurance companies decreasing, many clinics have decided to go the direction of seeing more patients but for less time. This did not sit well with us. We decided to open CT Sports so that we could treat patients based on what they need and fight the insurance companies without involving the patient.

At CT Sports, all treatments will be carried out by a licensed therapist. We do not use PT aides or rehab techs. We feel that passing our patients off to ancillary staff is not the best use of your healthcare dollars. Our therapists are highly educated and we believe you deserve their expertise.


Keeping up with the latest research is a big part of what separates us from others. Our staff are provided with access to multiple health care journals such as the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) and are given a limitless budget for continuing education. We do not just go to courses to fulfill our licensure requirements. We carefully select courses that are instructed by the leaders in our field such as Kevin Wilk, George Daves and Robin McKenzie.


At CT Sports, we understand that life gets in the way. We know that you might be running late for your appointment but you will not get penalized for being 5-10 minutes late. We will work with your schedule to make sure that you get the best possible use of your time and the therapy that you need.


One of our main focuses is giving back to the community. We sponsor the Norwalk Summer Series and provide coverage for the races as well as our staff taking part in the races. We believe that we can better understand injuries by being extremely active. Our staff is involved in a myriad of activities such as rugby, Crossfit, gymnastics and long distance running to name a few. By being active, we know what you are feeling and can relate to our patients.

Meet the Team

Michael Sebastian

Clinical Director Mike Sebastian graduated from Northeastern University with his B.S. in Rehabilitation Sciences in 2004. He continued his education at Northeastern and graduated with his Masters in 2005. Upon graduation he worked at Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy in Boston, MA treating a variety of athletes, weekend warriors, baby boomers, and seniors.

In 2007 Mr. Sebastian returned to his hometown of Norwalk, CT where he has been Director of Premier Physical Therapy for the past four years. He is a board certified Sports Clinical Specialist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Mr. Sebastian is also the Physical Therapist for Kong Crossfit, EHL Premier Connecticut Rough Riders, and the Fairfield Yankees Rugby Football club.

Scott Szemenyei

Scott graduated from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania in 2015 with B.S in Exercise Science with a concentration in nutrition. He continued his education at the University of Scranton and graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) in 2018.


Scott has lived in Stamford, CT since 2004. Scott attended Trinity in Stamford where he played several sports. When not working he enjoys cooking, running, working out, and playing sports such as basketball and golf.

Janell Lockett

Bio forthcoming